ABC gets it, but Roseanne Barr and Donald Trump do not

Ambien Maker Sanofi to Roseanne Barr: No, Our Sleeping Pill Doesn't Cause Racism

Ambien Maker Sanofi to Roseanne Barr: No, Our Sleeping Pill Doesn't Cause Racism

Following the initial fallout of her racist tweet, Roseanne co-stars Sara Gilbert, who played Darlene and heralded the new iteration of the show to the air, and Michael Fishman, who played DJ, denounced Barr's actions. Barr had retweeted people comparing those celebrities' treatment by the network to her own, insinuating there was a double standard at play.

"Since the show was called Roseanne, they do not know how they would replace her, or if it would even work without her, but they have all gotten so much feedback asking them to rebrand and continue with the same cast", minus Barr.

There has been a ton of reactions to U.S. network ABC's decision to cancel its popular sitcom Roseanne after its star, Roseanne Barr, tweeted a racist comment about former Barack Obama staffer Valerie Jarrett. "I want us to be better than that, that's what I mean by the cream rises to the top that we don't need to do that". Backlash was swift, with many quickly slamming the comedian for her racist remarks.

"The president is pointing to the hypocrisy in the media", she said.

ABC cancelled Roseanne's sitcom over the racist tweet. "He may say the tweet, but someone is typing it in...she needed someone to wrangle her in and take her phone".

President Donald Trump on Wednesday broke his silence about the racism row engulfing supporter Roseanne Barr, not to condemn her outburst but to attack ABC television for broadcasting "horrible" statements against himself. "Forgive me-my joke was in bad taste". You throw me under the bus. She had said of Pence: 'It's one thing to talk to Jesus.

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Trump on Wednesday night tweeted that Iger never apologized to him for "the terrible statements made and said about me on ABC". "And then if her insane tweets came out, she could point to that and say, "But I have taken a step back". Confusingly, she has also continued to retweet messages that appear to contradict her apology.

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"You're not going to believe this, but she tweeted something outrageous", Kimmel said sarcastically. "Please take a breath and remember that mental health issues are real". "No one is defending her comments - they're inappropriate - but that's the point he was making". "I hope you can accept this honest apology!"

And she said she thinks the reason ABC pulled the plug was a threatened boycott by advertisers.

She also retweeted several messages complaining that ABC's decision was political and wondering why they hadn't axed performers who had said very bad things about Donald Trump.

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