Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII debut trailer, details, and screenshots

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII debut trailer, details, and screenshots

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII debut trailer, details, and screenshots

From deciding your loadout - either selecting a premade Specialist or creating your own class from the Pick 10 system - to the actual decisions you make in-game, Black Ops 4 is all about the player having full control over their gameplay experience. Until then, check out the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies reveal trailers below. "Black Ops 4 doesn't have a traditional campaign; we're weaving narrative into each of the modes". Recent "Call of Duty" campaigns have featured performance-captured celebrity talent from the likes of Kevin Spacey and Christopher Meloni, which probably drove up the games' budgets. The Black Ops 4 reveal was lackluster and many were already disillusioned with Call of Duty to begin with. To compensate players will now be able to perform more actions while firing at the same time.

"Tactical players can choose when to disengage and look for a better opportunity to survive", said one of the Treyarch developers presenting onstage. What can Black Ops 4 offer the genre that these other games can't?

Weapons are more customizable than ever. Unlike Black Ops 3, this mode is more "boots on the ground". Each weapon will also have its own set of attachments for customized mayhem. It loops in elements from the side-franchise, from air support to weapons and characters from Zombies. The multiplayer mode will feature a "grounded combat experience", the companies note. After that there's the Voyage of Despair, which is set on the Titanic and, narratively at least, appeared to be built around a heist of some kind.

Set in ancient Rome, IX thrusts our four protagonists into a coliseum where ritual sacrifices may be required. The third Zombies campaign will feature the original Black Ops Zombies protagonists, and is named "Blood of the Dead".

Give us Black Ops 4 in Iraq, or at the very least in a setting where we get to use modern weapons and not relics from World War 2.

Oh and there's also a new battle royale-style mode, because of course there is.

Charlie INTEL
Charlie INTEL

In the campaign's place could be the Call of Duty series' take on the popular battle royale mode we've seen in games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

Vonderhaar was cognizant of the potential criticism of Black Ops 4 including a Battle Royale mode during his presentation.

The Black Ops series in particular has always been praised for its compelling storytelling throughout the single player campaign.

The game will include all the social features of the platform, which includes staying connected to friends playing other games on or staying connected to the mobile app.

The game will launch in October and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

It's no surprise that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is coming to PC.

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