NDP Poised For Majority Says Forum Poll

Andrea Horwath

Andrea Horwath

"On June 7 there will be a new premier in the premier's chair".

It was also enough for the burly PC leader to shift his attack from Kathleen Wynne's Liberals, to Andrea Horwath's NDP party.

Al Smith, who drove the roughly 40 km from Beamsville, Ont., said it was a "smear campaign", and accused the Liberals of "playing with people's emotions rather than giving them the facts".

"We know from some of the slogans and the things that he's thrown out that if he is going to move on those things that he's going to have to make cuts across government", she said in Sudbury.

"That's what they've been told since the start of the campaign - that the Ontario PCs would win", Bourque said.

"But if you look at different areas within the province, there's kind of a different picture emerging", she said, noting the battle within Toronto appears to be between the Liberals and the NDP.

"I miss her enormously, I have to say", Wynne said of Ward, who was a sounding board known to swear to get her point across.

If you want to try having some fun with numbers, then there is this Ontario 2018 Election Simulator where you can enter the province wide vote percentage and it will show you which party will win each seat, because in the end the election's outcome will come down to riding by riding results.

Some observers are already encouraging voters to cast their ballots strategically. "It just harkens back to the Mike Harris era and current Trump-style politics".

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However, they stress that most of the Big Island and the rest of the state remains largely unaffected by the latest events. Evacuation orders for two neighbourhoods with almost 2,000 people were given after the first fissure opened on May 3.

Ford had, however, invited them to the nomination meeting, according to the affidavit from would-be candidate Pina Martino - an interim chief of staff for former Tory leader Patrick Brown.

"We will put more money in your pocket", he said.

"And I think now, because they are there, they are sorting out what does she actually stand for".

Ford has pledged in recent days to act swiftly if evidence of wrongdoing by candidates surfaced.

"It's time he step up and talk to Ontarians about exactly what role he's played in these nomination meetings", Horwath said in Toronto on Thursday. "Right now, we don't have the same commitment from every party in this election".

Ford used his main campaign event of the day to announce that a Tory government would keep Pickering open until 2024.

The Tories accuse the New Democrats of having several "radical" candidates, including September 11 conspiracy theorists and a woman who is against wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day.

As for the New Democrats, they may be on an uptick now but they have their own stumbles as well, such as Horwath having to apologize recently for a $1.4 billion mistake in their platform due to an accounting error, which while she says she apologized for give the impression that the NDP may not be ready for prime time.

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