Brexit secretary confident government can secure deal parliament will support

Brexit secretary confident government can secure deal parliament will support

Brexit secretary confident government can secure deal parliament will support

British Prime Minister Theresa May is urging feuding Conservative lawmakers to unite and prevent the government from being defeated in key votes on its main Brexit bill.

Davis told lawmakers the government would never allow them to "reverse Brexit" and called on them to back its own amendment, which proposes a 28-day breathing space if parliament rejects a Brexit deal, during which the government would have to make a statement on its plans.

During three and a half hours of tense debate on amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill, government whips held whispered conferences with a handful of Tories on the Commons benches.

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill would formally end Britain's membership of the European Union and transfer more than 40 years of European law onto the British statute books.

He said a concession of this kind would been "revolutionary" as the Commons can not override the government when it came to negotiating worldwide treaties. He said giving Parliament power to direct the government's hand in talks would be "an unconstitutional shift which risks undermining our negotiations with the European Union".

"It's not practical, it's not desirable and it's not appropriate", he said. But a government official said they had just agreed to open talks on the basis of the rebel amendment.

Adding pressure on Theresa May's government, her junior Minister of Justice, Philip Lee, submitted his resignation, making clear that he was prepared to abstain rather than support his government's position against the amendment.

The party's leadership argues that the move would not respect the spirit of the Brexit referendum result and leave Britain with no say over the rules it would have to follow.

But, the pro-EU MPs' version of what they were promised appears to differ from what they government says it offered, threatening to reignite the dispute and reviving the possibility of a revolt that would badly damage May's authority.

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The government has agreed to consider ways to implement the first two parts of pro-European lawmaker Dominic Grieve's plan.

Another flashpoint could come when lawmakers vote Wednesday on an amendment seeking to keep Britain in a customs union with the EU.

He said the United Kingdom should "re-engage with our European and global friends to talk about how to achieve the aims that we share for the future in ways that respect individual countries' interests and sovereignty", taking into account concerns expressed in other EU countries since the Brexit vote about the bloc's direction. Her spokesman told reporters that the government would have to present it on Thursday.

Parliamentary debates about complex legal amendments rarely rouse much heat, but passions run high over anything to do with Brexit.

Opposition Labour lawmaker Chuka Umunna had earlier accused Britain's tabloids of intimidation, holding up Tuesday's edition of the eurosceptic Daily Express.

But it was a vote in parliament on Tuesday that left her seemingly at the mercy of two groups in the Conservative Party - those who want to maintain the closest possible ties with the European Union, and others pressing for a clean break.

It also imperils the now invisible border between the U.K.'s Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, an European Union member.

"Parliament, don't stand against the people - implement their will!" "They want us to regain control of our borders", he said.

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