Burger joints start social "beef" with "IHOB"

IHOPIHOP has flipped its name to represent the restaurant's new specialty burger menu

IHOPIHOP has flipped its name to represent the restaurant's new specialty burger menu

This morning, IHOb (using a lowercase b to symbolize the flipping of P, from pancakes to burgers) unveiled a menu featuring what it calls ultimate steakburgers. The "B" in question, of course, was that at the end of world renowned pancake emporium IHOP's announced new moniker, IHOB. With prices coming down, the chain restaurant formerly known as IHOP said it's changing its name to highlight a renewed focus on the grilled American staple.

Many fans of the breakfast joint expressed negative feelings about the name change on Twitter, with some switching the letter "b" for other words instead of burger.

Step aside, pancakes, there's a new focus of the menu at IHOP. What that chain didn't tell people was what the letter "b" would stand for. Many on social media guessed that it would be "breakfast", "bacon" and yes, some got it right with burgers.

"The vast majority of people were having fun with the name change and were trying to solve the riddle".

"We are definitely going to be IHOP", said Darren Rebelez, president of IHOP.

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America loves burgers, and IHOP wants to be a bigger player at lunch and dinner.

With this move, IHOP follows a recent trend of restaurant chains tapping into markets outside of their specialties.

Steak-umm, a maker of frozen sandwich meat, chose to give the whole name change thing a go by renaming itself Cake-umm and altering its Twitter header image to match.

IHOP is not actually wasting millions and millions of dollars on new signage for a brand that really would be pretty stupid if it were made permanent.

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