Command & Conquer: Rivals Announced For Smartphones

Command and Conquer Rivals

Command and Conquer Rivals

A new "Command and Conquer" game is coming to mobile devices, EA announced today. Once control has been taken a missile fires and whichever team lost control gets a hit to the base.

The game features two factions and familiar real-time strategy gameplay where you attempt to balance resource management and unit placement. If you're curious a pre-alpha will be available on Google Play for Android today. Two missile strikes on a base will case it to be destroyed, ending the match. You'll be able to create various combinations of infantry, tanks, aircraft, and high-tech behemoths to try and hold the missile launch pad enough time to destroy the enemy base. Every game becomes a best of three matchup between rivals. Games are played over the internet against friends or strangers. Let's hope that the monetisation is not too aggressive.

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Arrivals is coming to iOS and Android devices, with an open beta now available on the latter devices. The heavy focus on multiplayer gameplay is also likely to dissuade fans of the single-player campaigns in the original game. But wait, before we proceed, take that excitement down a notch.

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