Danny Dyer issues stark warning to anyone who hurts his daughter

Dani Dyer Love Island 2018

Dani Dyer Love Island 2018

DANI DYER'S beauty secrets may seem to some to be a less pressing issue than the Brexit negotiations or Donald Trump's trade war.

Love Island's Dani Dyer was reduced to tears after her partner Jack admitted that he had cheated on every girlfriend he's had. "Having that in your family, when you're on set, it was weird for me, being brought up with it, I thought 'I like this'". It makes me think 'I've gone for the same geezer that all my mates say "Dan don't!"

In tonight's show, Dani tells Jack: "I like you as a person, we've been getting on and stuff".

Later Jack admitted: "If me and Dani did give it a little bit of a chance, I think it would be worth it".

Meanwhile one predicted another trait of her famous dad would come into play and put: "Danny Dyer's anger may come out in Dani shortly", before a creative telly addict mocked up a poem about the pair and put: "Jack sells pens, Dani works in a bar, Danny Dyer is on EastEnders and Jack & Dani open a bar called the queen Bic".

In a one-on-one, Jack asks: 'You don't think any less of me do you?

He then added that he intimidates her boyfriends when they first meet: "I can do it in a look".

Dani and Jack
Dani and Jack

"A source revealed: "Sam and Dani are really good friends and she runs everything past him".

Jack's reaction got the thumbs up from Dani: "I had to bring up my dad, I knew sooner or later that I would mention who my dad was".

Daddy dearest: Dani lamented: "It just seems to be that I always step forward for the same boys".

'I've got to talk to Jack later. I get too emotional too quickly.

But Dyer did not appear to have any regrets, saying that other girls "would be lucky to have that". But not me because, I've had that. New and fresh, not used'.

The actress and barmaid, who is the daughter of EastEnders star Danny Dyer, revealed to fellow contestant Jack Fincham the identity of her soap and movie star father.

But the urgent question Love Island viewers were demanding answers to yesterday was: 'Is blow-drying your eyelashes a thing?'

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