'Destiny 2: Forsaken' trailer runs through all the big changes

Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Destiny 2: Forsaken will sell for $40, or $70 bundled with its own three-part "annual pass". Bungie stated that the players who are enjoying the Destiny series will not experience any detriments because of the new games.

The expansion, which will also include a new story developed by High Moon Studios in partnership with Bungie, will retail at $39.99, and it will be included with the new annual pass for $69.99.

In Destiny's universe, the Reef is a makeshift, independent nation in the asteroid belt, made up of habitats created out of the wreckage of ships that were destroyed while fleeing the destruction caused during the end of the Golden Age.

Players will be heading back to the Reef which apparently has "fallen to lawlessness". According to the teaser that Bungie sent out, Destiny 2's upcoming September expansion will be called Forsaken.

Sunbreaker: When you trigger this Super your Titan will summon a giant flame hammer that he can bash people with.

Destiny 2's sub-classes are also getting some new Supers and skill trees.

Nine months after launch, Destiny 2 is in a precarious spot.

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A new game mode that was teased previously is called Gambit. During these bouts, one player on your team can invade they other team's zone to throw some extra chaos into the mix. An expansion of Destiny 2 into China could pull in a huge influx of players and cash, something the title could use considering its middling performance. This one-shot, one kill weapon appears to reward skill.

All of this including new endgame challenges, new weapons, armor, vanity items, exotic items, pinnacle activities, and much more.

Forsaken is set to give players additional choices when it comes to weapons in terms of changing up slots. The original weapon system feels needlessly restrictive most of the time, with only one of the player's three slots allowed for shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, swords-almost half the weapons in the game.

It's unclear if there will be any restrictions on pairing up weapons and how ammo will be handled with this system.

Of course, being surprised goes hand-in-hand with not knowing anything, so there aren't many details aside from a few panning shots of the landscape and some creepy statues.

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Dreaming City was touched on by Bungie but not fully explored. Meanwhile, a new Collections menu will help you keep track of collectibles.

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