Google Introduces VR180 Creator for Video Editing

Google Introduces VR180 Creator for Video Editing

Google Introduces VR180 Creator for Video Editing

Virtual reality has been predicted to take organizations across the world by storm in the not-so-distant future.

The apps are available to download from the new Google VR180 apps page here, and we hopefully don't have too long to wait for the actual VR180 cameras to start arriving here in Australia.

Google introduced its new VR180 creator to help VR camera owners shoot 3D videos and immersive photos using affordable hardware. This can be edited with the video editing software creators already use, like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.

The tool allows anyone to create and edit VR and 3D content thanks to the simple user interface and beginner-friendly tools.

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VR180 captures only half of what regular 360° video does with two cameras on every device providing a 180° x 180° FOV.

If this type of footage is something you're looking to capture, note that a Lenovo Mirage camera costs $300, now available on B&H Photo. The second feature- Prepare for Publishing- will re-inject VR180 metadata to enable 2D/VR viewing on Google Photos or YouTube. The tool essentially converts VR photos and videos into normal perspective in 2D.

With affordable VR180 cameras and the simplified editing process provided by VR180 Creator, you can capture your memories in VR whether it is giving your viewers a tour of your home or bringing your viewers on an adventure with you. Prepare for publishing re-adds the VR180 metadata after editing it and making it viewable on YouTube or Google Photos in 2D or VR.

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