Judge denies Michael Cohen's request for more time to review seized materials

NEW YORK NY- APRIL 13 Michael Cohen President Donald Trump's attorney takes a phone call near the Loews Regency hotel on Park Ave

NEW YORK NY- APRIL 13 Michael Cohen President Donald Trump's attorney takes a phone call near the Loews Regency hotel on Park Ave

Both Wood and the government want that process to speed up, and Wood sided with the government in setting a June 15 deadline for the review's completion.

That means a microscopic number of the documents - less than 0.02% of the total that has been reviewed - are sought to be excluded from the criminal investigation into Cohen.

A court-appointed official has given a NY judge an upbeat report on how fast attorney-client privilege designations are being applied to materials seized from President Donald Trump's personal lawyer.

A NY judge says lawyers for President Donald Trump's personal lawyer and Trump have until June 15 to make attorney-client privilege claims over data seized in April raids.

Jones also reported having received additional electronic data over the past two weeks, including "e$3 lectronic data from a video recorder, two computers, and mobile storage devices" which "includes various video, electronic communications and documents as well as data typically associated with computer usage". If Cohen's team can not finish in time, the remaining documents would be turned over to a separate group government lawyers - known as a "taint team".

In a listening to in Manhattan on Wednesday, Choose Kimba Wooden of the Southern District of NY set a deadline of June 15 to finish their assessment, regardless of strenuous objections from Cohen's authorized workforce.

"Please take notice that the motion for admission pro hac vice filed by Michael J. Avenatti is hereby withdrawn without prejudice as unnecessary".

Judge Kimba Wood warned Avenatti, who has frequently discussed the Cohen case on TV and social media, that if he joined the proceedings he would have to shrink his media profile. When Cohen and Trump claim a document as privileged, Jones will review the claim and recommend to the court whether she believes it falls under such privilege and may be excluded from any potential prosecution. Ryan protested that the barrage was improper, saying Avenatti was on television at least 170 times, mostly to badmouth Cohen.

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Michael Cohen's lawyers are trying to use a recent $10 million judgment against Michael Avenatti's law firm to prevent him from being admitted into Cohen's case. Earlier this month, Cohen's lawyers wrote that Avenatti had created a "carnival atmosphere" and should not be allowed into the NY court.

Harrison said Cohen's legal team included 15 lawyers and two data specialists working "all night" and through the Memorial Day weekend.

Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion, and Russian Federation has denied meddling in the USA election. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has also filed suit against Cohen, claiming a non-disclosure agreement she struck with Trump is null and void. By Ryan's count, Avenatti made at least 170 TV appearances and Ryan said he attacked Cohen in a lot of them.

While making various cases for why Avenatti didn't belong anywhere near the matter before the court, Michael Cohen's attorney Stephen Ryan also raised the bankruptcy issue.

Avenatti admitted he had no concrete proof of that claim, but he said the existence of the recordings should be considered a red flag.

"We continue to communicate with the fine [attorneys] of the SDNY on a regular basis as part of our cooperation with the [government] investigation", he said in another tweet.

If they fail to meet the deadline, she will turn over the remaining materials to a government "taint team", she said.

The emails, according to Hendon, undercut a simple claim by Avenatti: that the law firm connected to the California bankruptcy did not represent Clifford in the matter before Wood.

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