Kim aide at White House to give letter to Trump

Syrn leader bashar al-assad

Syrn leader bashar al-assad

The two countries, eyeing the first summit between the United States and the North after six decades of hostility, have also been holding negotiations in Singapore and the demilitarised zone between the two Koreas. I believe they will be coming down to Washington on Friday.

Abe, speaking at a gathering organized by his Liberal Democratic Party's local chapter, also stressed that Japan will not change its stance of keeping pressure on North Korea in collaboration with the worldwide community.

Trump indicated he's continuing to use a carrot-and-stick approach to diplomacy. "I said, 'Would you want me to open it?' He said, 'You can read it later.' I may be in for a big surprise". He is the highest-ranking North Korean official to visit the 18 years. The Korean War marked the first major conflict of the nuclear age after the end of the Second World War. "You're talking about 70 years". The commemorative coin, which was briefly on sale at the White House gift shop when the summit was called off, is back to its full price of $24.99.

Former four-star general and chairman of the Institute for the Study of War Jack Keane told Fox News that Trump would not engage in game-playing with his North Korean counterpart over their Singapore summit. The president even said he's contemplating two or three meetings with Kim Jong Un if everything goes well and there is more progress to be made.

Mr Trump earlier told reporters he was expecting the delegation, led by Mr Chol, to travel to Washington to deliver a letter from leader Mr Kim. "Solid response to my letter, thank you!"

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"Gidley did not respond to a question if the letter would be received by President Donald Trump himself". "I haven't opened it", he said.

"I am sure that he will achieve the final victory and realize the reunification of Korea without fail", Assad added. The president and the North Korean delegates then posed for group photographs. Pompeo and Chief of Staff John Kelly were also spotted inside the Oval Office for the meeting with President Trump.

"This summit will be historic by its very nature".

"This is going to be a process that will take days and weeks to work our way through", Pompeo said. "The goal has been to get to a point where North Korea, at a minimum, would allow in weapons inspectors to actually see what kind of arsenal they actually have".

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