Louis Attorney Says Her Office Has Resolved Criminal Charges Against Greitens

Louis Attorney Says Her Office Has Resolved Criminal Charges Against Greitens

Louis Attorney Says Her Office Has Resolved Criminal Charges Against Greitens

Gov. Eric Greitens has finally put an end to the sham that was his 17-month term in office.

"The state's economic growth lags the U.S. Also there are going to be phased in income tax cuts so it may be more hard to balance the budget", Cure said.

In his resignation remarks, he alluded to unnamed enemies out there who somehow "designed" the extramarital-affair scandal "to cause maximum damage to my family and friends" - as if Greitens had been a devoted family man victimized by powerful forces beyond his control.

The charge of computer tampering that was dismissed Wednesday stems from accusations of campaign finance violations - Greitens allegedly took a list of donors to his charity and improperly used it for fundraising. We have reports that Republican Gov. Eric Greitens will resign after being engulfed in controversy over an extramarital affair.

A deal has been cut in St. Louis regarding the tampering charges.

The recording was released by the woman's ex-husband without her knowledge, and it launched a criminal investigation into possible sexual assault and blackmail.

The GOP politician, 44, allegedly took a partial nude photo of his mistress without her consent. Like Gardner, the special prosecutor is a Democrat. "Just as I believe Mr. Greitens decision to resign is best for our state, I have to consider the totality of the situation", Gardner said.

"With no end in sight, I can't allow the forces against us to continue to cause harm, to the people I love", Greitens said.

He had been defiant throughout his political troubles, denouncing the actions against him as a "witch hunt" and calling Gardner a "reckless liberal prosecutor".

"I know, and people of good faith know that I am not ideal, but I have not broken any laws or committed any offense worthy of this treatment", he said.

"If Mr. Greitens were convicted of this charge, it would be unlikely that he would be sentenced to prison, given his first-time-offender status and the type and level of the charge he faced", Gardner said at a press conference.

Announcing his resignation, he framed these issues as "endless personal attacks created to cause maximum damage to my family and friends".

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens announced his resignation Tuesday evening from his office in Jefferson City.

The statement said, "The past few months have been hard for everyone involved, including the Governor and his family". This is a serious and solemn occasion that reminds us that our state and our duty are bigger than any one person or party.

Greitens said the decision to resign was a hard one, but maintained that he's done nothing wrong.

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"Here's a guy who gets to get out of a felony charge just by agreeing to quit his job", Wolff said.

"Relationships were strained, and bonds were tested".

Two people with close ties to Republican officials in Washington and Missouri told The Associated Press there was no coordinated effort to push Greitens out. This is not the position I imagined we would be in almost 16 months later. "Let us allow history and God to bring justice".

Kinder went on to say there has historically, throughout Missouri's statehood, been no provision for the filling of a vacancy in the office of the lieutenant governor. The circuit attorney said she intends to refile the charge and may appoint a special prosecutor or one of her assistants to pursue the case.

Greitens, a married father of two young sons, is a Rhodes scholar with a doctoral degree in politics who travelled the world on humanitarian missions before joining the Navy.

"I know, and people of good faith know, that I am not ideal".

A May 2 report from the House investigative committee indicated that Greitens himself received the donor list and later directed aides to work off it to raise money for his gubernatorial campaign.

Greitens had previously defied calls for his resignation, including from top Missouri Republicans. Critics said erasing messages amounted to the illegal destruction of government documents. The St. Louis Dispatch reported he even reserved the website EricGreitensForPresident.com.

The statement also touched on his future as governor.

"I came to office to fight for the people of Missouri, fight for the forgotten".

He is a third-generation farmer with a cow and calf operation near Bolivar.

Before entering the legislature, Parson served as the Sheriff of Polk County from 1993-2005 and is a six-year veteran from the U.S. Army. He was in the Army for six years.

Beatty said Tuesday she is looking forward to working with him.

Senate Minority Leader Gina Walsh, D-St.

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