'New beginning' for Ontario NDP: Horwath

PC leader Doug Ford could win a majority projections suggest

PC leader Doug Ford could win a majority projections suggest

It was mission accomplished last night - and that made the considerable risks inherent in a Ford majority tolerable.

"I thought that this was our time", Lorenz said.

She said she has spoken with Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford and congratulated him on his victory.

Ford will now lead Ontario, a province that is home to almost a third of Canada's 36 million residents as well as much of the country's financial and manufacturing sectors. "The party with the taxpayers' money is over - it's done". Voters must vote in the same party's runoff as in the primary. He takes the over new role from outgoing premier and Liberal Party politician Kathleen Wynne. Thursday night was absolutely brutal for the Liberals, and much of it constituted a personal rejection of Wynne.

She was gracious in defeat.

The NDP under Andrea Horwath will form the Official Opposition, marking a turnaround for a party consistently stuck in third place since Bob Rae's New Democratic government was defeated in 1995.

The subsequent election of Ford as leader cemented the populist theme even further.

The system was first used in the February 2016 byelection in Whitby-Oshawa and the positive feedback convinced Elections Ontario to expand the system province-wide. The Liberals will have three MPPs at Queen's Park representing Ottawa, while the NDP holds one riding. "We have delivered a government that is for the people".

The California Voter Federation did not support the Voters Choice Act when it went through the state Legislature, but Alexander likes some of the changes, including the fact all voters get a ballot sent to their home.

San Mateo, along with 13 other counties around the state, is testing out something new this election, the "All Mailed Ballot/Vote Center Model".

While the election was called just 15 minutes after polls closed, with a PC majority government, the rest of the tallying was a nail-biter for the Liberals.

Wynne appeared upbeat after voting
Wynne appeared upbeat after voting

Ford, who has positioned himself as a champion of "the little guy" and has been compared to U.S. President Donald Trump, is wealthy businessman.

Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford. Leader Mike Schreiner won in his electoral district of Guelph with 36 per cent of the vote.

Looking at the parallels between Kenney's and Ford's proposed policies, Joel French, executive director of Alberta Public Interest, sees the claims as nothing more than political posturing, since the question of pricing carbon falls out of provincial jurisdiction.

Voters appeared to agree, buying instead into Ford's promises to cut taxes and rein in government spending by finding billions in unspecified waste - something Horwath failed to effectively counter.

The Conservatives, led by Ford, are on track to win the majority of seats in Ontario provincial legislature, Canadian television networks projected on Thursday.

Ontario's new premier is undecided over whether he will attend Toronto's annual Pride parade later this month - and has previously said it is an event where men run down the street "buck naked".

Wynne has declined to say whether she'll stay on as party leader, but many expect her to step down.

People are exhausted and resources are thin following the campaign, he said, and the party would do better to bide its time.

Doug Ford, the brother of the late controversial mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has been elected premier of Ontario, Canada's most populous province.

"In particular, I would like to acknowledge Premier Wynne for her service to our province and our city over the last five years", Tory went on.

If you still haven't registered to vote, there is opportunity to do that as well.

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