Senegal fans celebrate victory over Poland by cleaning the stadium

Senegal are hoping to improve on their 2002 performance where the team reached the quarter-finals

Senegal are hoping to improve on their 2002 performance where the team reached the quarter-finals

Senegal will take on Colombia next but those obsessed with cleanliness probably can't wait until their final group game against Japan where both teams will be looking to out polite each other in the stands.

But some fans, however, made a decision to clear rubbish from the stands at the stadiums.

With their surprise win against Colombia on Tuesday, the Japanese soccer team won their first World Cup game since 2010.

Following their full-voiced support, the FIFA World Cup named Senegal as "fans of the day".

Fastidious Japanese fans took a brief break from celebrating a historic and shock World Cup victory over Colombia to clean up rubbish discarded on the floor of the stadium, earning them praise and inspiring other nations to follow suit.

"It's not just part of the football culture but part of Japanese culture", McIntyre told BBC News at the time.

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"You often hear people say that football is a reflection of culture".

"This is my favorite moment of the World Cup so far, Japan fans picking up litter after their victory vs Columbia", tweeted Christopher McKaig. It is a habit drilled into citizens from a young age, with students expected to clean their school classrooms and hallways.

But Japan made the flawless start to their World Cup campaign, becoming the first Asian country to defeat a South American team at a World Cup and earning three points in what is expected to be one of the most closely-contested groups in the tournament, with Poland and Senegal the other two nations in Group H.

They showed up at the World Cup match sporting trash bags.

Do you think Senegal are the best African team at the World Cup? When Senegal and Japan meet on June 24 in Yekaterinburg, we can at least be sure that the stadium will be near spotless, whoever comes out on top.

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