Serena pulls out with injury before Sharapova match

Serena Williams

Serena Williams

"I feel like a warrior in it, like a warrior princess kind of, queen from Wakanda", she said, channeling "Black Panther", the recent box office smash.

This is the first time-in over two decades of Grand Slam play-that Serena Williams has withdrawn in the middle of a Grand Slam tournament. "I have been waiting about 14 years to ask you this question", Inside Tennis's Bill Simons said.

"I'm beyond disappointed. I put everything on the court, all for this moment". Still, Williams said, "It's very hard because I love playing Maria...." "She played really well, and I think yesterday could have gone either way". "She's never forgiven me for it". "This is so painful".

"Every match has been getting better for me".

The French Open was Serena's first major tournament since returning from maternity leave.

Williams tried taping up the muscle for doubles, but that didn't help. But according to the American tennis player, the book talks a lot about her.

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The withdrawal of Williams from the competition means Sharapova now advances to the quarterfinals for a ninth time.

Williams quickly shut down the question with a politeness it probably didn't deserve. It was an odd question that brought accusations of sexism against Bill Simons, the writer.

Simons later apologized for his outrageous line of questioning, saying, "I apologize if my awkward ques seemed 2 empower Trump or attack Serena". That's when I knew she had a problem. (Laughter.) I just want to be in bed right now.

Williams had defeated Sharapova, 31, in 18 consecutive matches. She had skipped the Australian Open earlier this year, and when she made her debut at the French Open, she did so wearing a superhero-like catsuit that was created to protect her from blood clots. I've never felt this in my life. "That's all. That's it", she reportedly said in response.

"A lot of people always assume that I feel a different way and it's not true. The success of one female should be the inspiration to another". "No, I have always had far too much integrity to behave dishonestly in order to gain an advantage".

GettySerena Wiliams: Will she retire in 2018? I can only take solace in the fact I'm going to continue to get better. I think it's normal. The fact that I physically can not serve at all is a good indication that maybe I should go back to the drawing board and stay positive. In the intervening time, Sharapova has served a 15-month doping suspension, returning to the tour in April 2017.

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