Some Starbucks stores to close Tuesday for diversity training

A Starbucks barista prepares a drink at a Starbucks Coffee Shop location in New York Wednesday

A Starbucks barista prepares a drink at a Starbucks Coffee Shop location in New York Wednesday

"May 29 isn't a solution, it's a first step", he said.

After watching the video and others on racial anxiety and implicit bias, the employees talked with each other about their own reactions and experiences.

"I have to make sure that my hands are visible when I walk into certain places, so they make sure I'm not stealing", the man says.

According to Dr Victor Sojo from the University of Melbourne, while sessions can successfully teach people about diversity and help them to modify their behaviour, the effects generally don't last for very long.

"I think another way that they should be thinking about is who it is that they are hiring to be in management positions", Gaither said.

"I would be interested to see what initiatives they continue to do post-training", stated Earl. "I just thought that was pretty impactful, that people from such diverse backgrounds, different ages, that it was all in middle school".

Professor Tsipursky says employees will need to be convinced that the training is about more than the company's image.

ABC gets it, but Roseanne Barr and Donald Trump do not
Confusingly, she has also continued to retweet messages that appear to contradict her apology. She had said of Pence: 'It's one thing to talk to Jesus.

Civil rights leaders advising Starbucks on the training hope it will reinvigorate decades-old efforts to ensure minorities get equal treatment in restaurants and stores, setting an example for other restaurants and retailers. He says he's also doing a training session of his own. Licensed stores that are not owned by Starbucks are not required to close.

That employee, an African-American woman who asked TIME to remain anonymous due to concerns of losing her job, was angry. But this is also a company that was ranked No. 132 on the 2017 Fortune 500 list and took in $22.4 billion in revenue a year ago.

Earlier this month, Nestle and Starbucks struck a US$7 billion coffee licensing deal aimed at strengthening each company's global position. Nordstrom has said it plans to enhance its training after three black teenagers in Missouri were falsely accused by employees of shoplifting. But he said the training failed to address how to end instances like what happened in Philadelphia from occurring in the future. The company has 25,000 coffee shops in 70 countries. Only the manager called police. They agreed not to sue for damages in return for $2 - $1 each - and the promise that the city would contribute $200,000 to a program for young entrepreneurs.

'It's just the beginning, ' he said of the four-hour training session.

Starbucks's CEO Kevin Johnson apologised on behalf of the company, promising to take action.

"In some cases it can even backfire and lead people who are kind of already reactive to these issues to become even more polarized", Lai said.

Many locations in places like hotels, grocery stores and airports were still open Tuesday afternoon. Stores will keep iPads given out for Tuesday's meetings and new videos will be added every month for additional training. Some feel it's a step in the right direction, while others feel it will do little to change peoples perceptions.

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