The new Gmail will roll out to all users next month

The new Gmail will roll out to all users next month		
	Frederic Lardinois

   	7 hours

The new Gmail will roll out to all users next month Frederic Lardinois @ 7 hours

GOOGLE HAS confirmed it is to begin the process of moving users over the "new Gmail" redesign starting next month. Approximately 12 weeks after that mystery July date, G Suite users will be pushed to the new Gmail with no option to opt out.

However, in September users who haven't yet updated to the updated Gmail will be automatically transitioned to the new email look with the ability to opt out for another month. Google didn't detail what the plan for regular users will look like, but if you're not a G Suite user, you can already try the new Gmail today anyway and chances are stragglers will also get switched over to the new version at a similar pace as G Suite users.

It's not uncommon for Google to hold back a major redesign or set of features for its G Suite catalog of products to give professional customers a bit of extra time to prepare for the changes, and Gmail is no exception.

The third option would be the default setting as well. But we see no reason why normal Gmail users would be excluded.

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That transition'll be automatic, but the opt-out option will still be made available for another four weeks after that. But by around October of this year, it's very likely that you will be forced to permanently use the new Gmail experience whether you like it or not.

Features of the new Gmail such as offline and confidential mode will be off by default when the new version reaches general availability in July. So far, it's been well-received, and Google is planning to kick off the full rollout in July.

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