Alan Dershowitz ‘Shunned’ By Friends In Martha’s Vineyard For Defending Trump

13names- Larry Ruttman left and Alan Dershowitz at the Martha's Vineyard Sharks game

13names- Larry Ruttman left and Alan Dershowitz at the Martha's Vineyard Sharks game

"At a party this week at Martha's Vineyard, a woman said, 'If Dershowitz was here tonight, I'd stab him through the heart.' This is a Martha's Vineyard woman saying she would stab me through the heart", Dershowitz said. One of them, an academic at a distinguished university, has told people that he would not attend any dinner or party to which I was invited....

"Despite voting for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic rival, instead of Mr Trump and donating money to her campaign, Mr Dershowitz claims as a result of his recent comments some of his old friends" were "trying to ban me from their social life". "Now they're losing because the vast majority of people even in Martha's Vineyard. can't stand people who try to stop speech and try to stop debate, so it's backfiring". Others said they will stop no longer contribute to organizations that sponsor his discussions. "I thought the Dershowitz op-ed about being shunned on Martha's Vineyard was some weird twitter meme and NOT AN ACTUAL COLUMN HE WROTE DOWN AND PUBLISHED". Would he listen to a student who actively supported Trump? "I'm a supporter of all civil liberties".

"I am a liberal Democrat in politics... but that is not good enough for some of my old friends on Martha's Vineyard".

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When asked about the matter, Dershowitz remained defiant, telling the "Curtis and Cosby" radio show that he wore the rejection like "a red badge of courage", and suggested he would remember the slights when the same people came calling for legal advice for their miscreant children. Ovid, Dante, & Emma Goldman were sent into exile. Rosa Luxemburg, Gandhi and Martin Luther King were killed.

Boston-based constitutional lawyer Harvey Silverglate finds himself in much the same position as Dershowitz: a lifelong liberal who's defended Trump on civil-libertarian grounds.

"Oh, and I suppose it's because of his opposition to McCarthyism that he sent a 60-page smear document to every faculty member and administrator at DePaul so as to deny me tenure [in 2007]".

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