Aston Martin's stuffed a 430-hp V8 into a Cygnet city vehicle

Big things, small packages: Aston Martin reveals V8 Cygnet

Big things, small packages: Aston Martin reveals V8 Cygnet

"It is also a fine example of the engineering talent within the company as it's no small achievement to fit the Vantage's V8 engine so harmoniously into the Cygnet's compact body". Produced from 2011 to 2013, the Toyota iQ based city vehicle was used by Aston to comply with European Union fleet emissions regulations, and produced just 97bhp.

Itself already a marvel of compact auto packaging design, the V8 Cygnet is a rather different type of clever engineering, but inarguably more entertaining. To accommodate the big powertrain, the model features a new front bulkhead and transmission tunnel made from sheet metal. The V8 Cygnet has a rollcage, new front bulkhead and transmission tunnel, while the subframe and suspension system were also pulled out from the Vantage S donor vehicle. Connected to the engine is the same seven-speed automated manual gearbox, powering the rear wheels by what Aston Martin calls a "very short torque tube". Top speed is 170 miles per hour, making it more than 60 miles per hour faster than the standard model. The wheels in those arches have grown in stature too, now measuring 19-inches in diameter over the standard 16. Now weighing 1,375kg with all fluids in versus 920 kg stock, the V8 Cygnet has a lot more weight to push around.

Due to its racy attitude, the V8 Cygnet is equipped with two Recaro seats with four-point seatbelts, a roll cage and some other FIA-approved safety gear.

In what might be the most freaky example of a factory customer commission yet, Q by Aston Martin has revealed details of a weird and wonderful V8-powered Cygnet.

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When will it go on sale?

A customer pursued the Smart Fortwo-destroyer via the "Q by Aston Martin" service, presumably with deep pockets and a twisted sense of humor. The right-hand-drive layout of the V8 Cygnet highly means that the buyer resides in the UK.

The manufacturer has built a one-off Cygnet through the Q by Aston Martin Commission for one of its customers which has a 4.7-litre, 430bhp V8 engine powering it.

Showcased this week at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, this unique Cygnet has been heavily modified to accommodate the V8 engine from the old Vantage S. It was a sales flop rather than a success story in the showroom.

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