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This Coming ‘Blood Moon’ is the Longest Lunar Eclipse in a 100 Years

This Coming ‘Blood Moon’ is the Longest Lunar Eclipse in a 100 Years

Widened light waves from sunrises and sunsets on the Earth hits the moon's surface, which presents a "blood moon" a visible red exterior.

What is a blood moon?

However, what's particular about the upcoming lunar eclipse on July 27th is that this one would be the longest moon eclipse in the 21st century. The longest possible lunar eclipse is 1 hour and 47 minutes, according to Earth Sky.

As we know by now, a Super Blue Blood Moon, as the one experienced at the beginning of the year, is a combination of a Supermoon, Blue Moon and Blood Moon.

Eclipse peak time is expected to be as 8:22 p.m. UTC or 1:52 AM IST (Indian Standard Time).

On July 28, countries located in the Eastern Hemisphere will see a total lunar eclipse.

Or, maybe not. Dr. Jackie Faherty, a senior scientist in the American Museum of Natural History's Astrophysics Department, told Gothamist, "Historically, eclipses [were] regarded as omens or signs of things to come".

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The Super Blue Blood moon was spotted across Asia, North America, Australia, New Zealand, most of central and eastern Europe, and some parts of South America and Africa.

People who take delight in sky gazing are in for a surprise on July 27, since Blood Moon will be taking to the skies as part of a total eclipse. In an article on NASA SDO with Lunar eclipse, seen an incomplete sun based overshadowing in space when it found the moon going before the sunlight based body. In the event, the Moon takes almost four hours to cross the Earth's shadow, claims a known astronomer Bruce McClure.

"The phase of totality with a red moon lasts for an hour, before the Moon begins to leave the umbra and the series of events reverses over the course of the final hour".

It will be the smallest and furthest full moon of the year, which means the moon will take more time to pass through Earth's dark shadow, making the eclipse last longer.

A "blood moon", meanwhile, gets its name from the reddish hue it turns when the moon passes through the earth's shadow during a lunar eclipse.

As per reports, the moon will be visible on July 27. Europe and Africa can view the eclipse during the evening hours, while most of Asia, Indonesia and Australia will have the best view in the morning.

Therefore, the frequency of strokes and heart attacks in the period of lunar eclipses increases.

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