Egyptian zoo accused of painting donkey to look like zebra

Egypt zoo accused of painting donkey to look like a zebra

Egypt zoo accused of painting donkey to look like a zebra

The freakish creature was spotted by student Mahmoud A.Sarhani who was visiting the recently opened animal sanctuary at the International Garden municipal park.

Mahmoud Sarhan with the "zebra".

Zoo officials denied making an ass of themselves, with the facility's director telling local radio station Nogoum FM that the animal is in fact a zebra and not a donkey in disguise.

"It came to us and the other one didn't move, but when he came near to me, I realised from the first look that it was a painted donkey, not a zebra".

A zoo in Cairo is allegedly showing its true stripes by passing off painted donkeys as zebras. "I knew the shape of zebras, so it was easy to know".

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And in 2013, a zoo in China tried to pass off a dog as a lion. In 2009, a zoo in Gaza reportedly painted two donkeys black and white to replace zebras that had died of starvation.

This is not the first time that a zoo has been accused of trying to fool its audience.

Several vets confirmed to Egyptian news outlet that the animals are, indeed, donkeys and that the paint job is also pretty shoddy - real zebra stripes are straighter and more consistent, they say.

You can't always trust the exhibit signs at zoos, or so one Egyptian student is claiming after he suspected a zebra at a Cairo zoo was an impostor.

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