Huge iceberg drifts close to Greenland village, causing fears of a tsunami

An iceberg has forced an evacuation in Innaarsuit

An iceberg has forced an evacuation in Innaarsuit

"The iceberg is still near the village and the police are now discussing what do to next", Kunuk Frediksen, a police chief in the Danish autonomous territory, told AFP. Per Newsweek, the berg is so big it found itself lodged on the sea floor just beside the town of Innaarsuit, where the around 170 residents fear flooding could occur as chunks fall into the sea.

That calving event was mostly linked to natural ice shelf processes and is not expected to cause a significant sea level rise because it was already hanging over the water before it broke away, writes Weather Network science writer Scott Sutherland. Scientists believe this is a major contributor to rising sea levels around the world.

Susanne K. Eliassen, a member of the village council, told the local newspaper Sermitsiaq that it was not unusual for large icebergs to be seen close to Innaarsuit, but that this was the biggest she had seen.

Last summer, four people died after waves swamped houses in northwestern Greenland after an natural disaster.

The current fears come only weeks after scientists released a video of a massive iceberg breaking free from a glacier in eastern Greenland.

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The New York University professor said told the Associated Press that "this is the largest event we've seen in over a decade in Greenland".

A video of the incident was taken by his wife, Denise Holland, of New York University's environmental fluid dynamics laboratory.

"I turned on my camera, and I was lucky to catch what we saw".

"It sounded like rockets going off", he said, describing it as "a very complex, chaotic, noisy event".

"Global sea-level rise is both undeniable and consequential". "By capturing how it unfolds, we can see, first-hand, its breath-taking significance".

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