It's coming home: Three Lions eyes Top 40 return in bumper week

'It's coming home': Three Lions 1996 anthem back in UK charts amid World Cup fever

'It's coming home': Three Lions 1996 anthem back in UK charts amid World Cup fever

As of Thursday afternoon, the song sits proudly at the top of the iTunes chart - with the 1998 version in at No. 13 - after a penalty shootout victory over Colombia in the last 16 of World Cup 2018 saw interest soar once more. "Come on England! W".

But, uh, what the heck does "football's coming home" mean? The game officially branched off from rugby there in 1863, with the creation of the Football Association in England, according to FIFA.

So the English proudly lay claim to having invented the sport.

One of the finest offerings to date features Ross, Chandler and Joey from "Friends" who, thanks to an assist from Marcel the monkey, slowly come to realise that it is, in fact, coming home.

If you can't name the sides that England have been matched with in the current World Cup, we're a bit anxious about how you're feeling this summer. But oh well ... let's just go along with the fun.

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If anybody's going to accurately gauge whether football is coming home or not, it's got to be Baddiel and Skinner themselves.

One of the biggest selling United Kingdom singles ever, it was originally released in 1996, when England hosted the European Championships, and soundtracked an ecstatic summer that ended all too soon in semi-final defeat against Germany.

The Duke of Cambridge Prince William couldn't help but put out an emotional statement of support for the England team, gushing "football's coming home" on social media as the team knocked Sweden out of the World Cup.

The song was catchy, so England fans adopted it as their very unofficial anthem at the time.

Those involved should not be all that surprised to see interest building again, as it does every couple of years, but Baddiel seems to have been left bemused by quite how popular the song has become.

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