Japan Executes Six More Members of Doomsday Cult

Japan Executes Cult Members Behind 1995 Sarin Attack Report

Japan Executes Cult Members Behind 1995 Sarin Attack Report

Several members of a cult that carried out a deadly 1995 sarin attack on Tokyo's subway were executed on Thursday, Japanese media said, weeks after the group's leader was hanged. She said at a news conference that the six executed Thursday had collaborated with Asahara and other cult members systematically to conduct an unprecedentedly heinous crime that should never be repeated.

The cult, which envisioned overthrowing the government, amassed an arsenal of chemical, biological and conventional weapons in anticipation of an apocalyptic showdown.

The attack woke a relatively safe country to the risk of urban terrorism. His followers then released sarin nerve gas in the city of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, killing seven people in June 1994, and in Tokyo subway trains in March 1995, killing another 12 people.

The justice minister confirmed this morning that the remaining members had been hanged.

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The attack killed 13 people and injured at least 5,800, shattering the nation's myth of public safety. The bearded, self-proclaimed guru recruited scientists and others to his cult, attracting people who were disillusioned with a modern, materialistic lifestyle.

Aum members have been convicted of an additional sarin attack in the town of Matsumoto the year before the Tokyo attack, as well as the murder of an anti-cult lawyer and his family.

The group has since splintered into three groups, which are closely monitored by authorities.

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