Khamenei Supports Blocking Region's Oil Exports If Iran's Exports Stopped

He also said Iran will not wait for Europeans to take action and will try to plan for maintaining the volume of the country's non-oil exports.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that no country in the region will export oil if Iran's exports are stopped.

"[These] were important remarks that reflect Islamic Republic's approach", the Ayatollah said, according to his official website.

Iranian officials have in the past threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz, a major oil shipping route, in retaliation for any hostile USA action.

Washington initially planned to totally shut Iran out of global oil markets after Trump abandoned the deal that limited Iran's nuclear ambitions, demanding all other countries to stop buying its crude by November.

Iranian officials have in the past threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz, a major oil shipping route, in retaliation for any hostile United States action.

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It was just after mid-morning on the East Coast on Monday, and President Donald Trump had a public relations crisis on his hands. It gets a bit more hard to complain about a "strong Russia" when you were calling for that very thing", the Twitchy post reads.

"As I have previously said, we can not trust in the words of the United States and even in their signature, so negotiations with the United States are useless", Khamenei told a gathering of Iranian diplomats in Tehran.

Khamenei used a speech to foreign ministry officials on Saturday to reject any renewed talks with the United States after President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from a 2015 global deal over Iran's nuclear programme.

Iran's top diplomat calls on the remaining signatories of the Iran nuclear deal to take practical steps to salvage the accord in the wake of U.S. withdrawal.

Khamenei told officials in Iran's Foreign Ministry earlier on July 21 that it would be an "obvious mistake" to negotiate with the United States because Washington is unreliable.

But Iran's Foreign Ministry responded by saying that if Trump wants to negotiate after pulling out of the worldwide agreement, he would have to "initiate the call himself" because Iran's top leadership is now rejecting any talks with the United States.

Following Trump's decision to quit the historic Iran nuclear pact on May 8, the United States vowed to re-impose sanctions lifted under the accord against Iran and inflict punishments like secondary sanctions on nations that have business links with Iran.

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