Launch pad dating back to early days of space program demolished

Launch pad dating back to early days of space program demolished

Launch pad dating back to early days of space program demolished

The two towers at Canaveral's Space Launch Complex 17 were demolished via controlled explosions at 7 a.m. EDT (11:00 GMT) on Thursday July 12, 2018.

The almost 60-metre-tall towers came tumbling down after explosives were activated, sending them falling in opposite directions at the US Air Force base in Florida.

As local newsgroup Florida Today reports, the demolition went smoothly, with a pair of huge launch towers and gantries falling lopsided under their own weight.

A simultaneous detonation brought down some structures at launch complex 17, a few miles away from Port Canaveral. "Keep your fingers crossed that I won't mess this up", he told observers, the newspaper Florida Today reported.

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"We have launched some super-exciting missions - Mars missions, all sorts of Global Positioning System missions, missions to all sorts of fun planets - so it is definitely a little emotional for me to see", Scott Messer explained to Florida Today.

Officials said there have been more than 100 launches throughout several decades. The site last hosted a launch seven years back, and now after over half a century of regular use and more than 300 launches, the hardware is finally being retired.

The towers were in service for 60 years.

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