May presses Trump for post-Brexit trade deal with United States

Trump issued scathing criticism of Theresa May's Brexit strategy during his visit to Britain

Trump issued scathing criticism of Theresa May's Brexit strategy during his visit to Britain

U.S. President Donald Trump says that a soft Brexit of the type set out by Prime Minister Theresa May last week would "probably kill" chances of a trade deal between Britain and the United States, the Sun newspaper reported late on Thursday.

The Prime Minister used a lavish banquet at Blenheim Palace to tell him there was an "unprecedented" opportunity to do a deal that boosted jobs and growth in both countries.

DESPITE leaving hungry guests waiting while he toured the Churchill exhibition and thousands protesting outside the gates, county council leader Ian Hudspeth has described Donald Trump's visit to Blenheim Palace last night as a success.

But even before Trump arrived in the United Kingdom he attacked May's Brexit plan, saying the country was in "somewhat turmoil" and that meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin next week - her geopolitical enemy - would be easier than meeting her.

Around 150 business leaders in total were reportedly invited to the event.

"And it's an opportunity to shape the future of the world through co-operation in advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence". We can not guarantee that it is suitable for the visually or hearing impaired.

Protests took place outside the grounds in Woodstock, with several hundred demonstrators waving banners and placards reading "Dump Trump, Not Welcome Here", "Protect Children Not Trump" and "Keep Your Tiny Hands Off My Pussy!"

Some carried placards saying "Special Relationship?" Late past year, May criticised him for retweeting a message by a member of a British far-right group and the speaker of Britain's parliament has said Trump would not be welcome to address it.

Donald Trump's kind-of, sort-of apology to Theresa May
However, under the blue skies of the Chequers' garden, he said their relationship was "the highest level of special". As for Johnson, Trump said: "I think he would be a great prime minister ".

But they avoided the noise and spectacle of the protests on the ground by travelling by helicopter between the airport, London and Oxfordshire.

The mood was far less jovial in Belgium earlier in the day.

Trump told The Sun that conducted the interview while he was in Brussels for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) summit, that UK's blueprint for its post-Brexit relations with the European Union was "a much different deal than the people voted on". "She wanted to go a different route", Trump said, according to audio of an interview posted by The Sun.

"It just showed Blenheim Palace and Oxfordshire at it's best and the American I spoke to said they would be back to visit Blenheim in a more leisurely manner", he said.

Taylor added the pub had raised enough money to make a similar balloon depicting London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who angered Trump loyalists by permitting protesters to fly their blimp above the British parliament. His interview likewise came after May recently announced a path forward on Brexit that met criticism from members of her own government, including Boris Johnson, who resigned as foreign secretary on Monday.

Other long-time regulars at the bar told AFP there was a silent majority in Britain who actually backed the presidential visit. Later they will hold talks with the foreign secretary at Chequers - the PM's country residence in Buckinghamshire.

Trump will later Friday take tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle, before spending the weekend in Scotland on a private visit that will likely take in 18 holes at one of the property magnate s golf courses, where more protesters await him.

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