Newborn baby with toilet paper stuffed in mouth found in Delhi Flight

A lifeless newborn was found inside an Air Asia India airplane bathroom

A lifeless newborn was found inside an Air Asia India airplane bathroom

The Delhi Police said that they were informed about the baby by a manager of AirAsia and cops boarded the aircraft once it landed.

All female passengers were questioned by police after the jet arrived at New Delhi in northern India and the mother, said to be underage, was arrested. The infant was found "lifeless and abandoned" in one of the plane's lavatories when the aircraft was being prepared for landing, according to a statement released by the airliner.

It is believed that the child's mother boarded the flight when the plane made a stop in Guwahati, police say.

The baby appeared to have been delivered on board in the toilet and had toilet paper stuffed in its mouth, reports NDTV.

In a shocking incident, a fetus was found in the lavatory of an AirAsia flight which landed at Delhi's IGI airport from Imphal on Wednesday.

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DCP Bhatia said that a preliminary probe suggests that the baby was delivered in a stillborn condition. "A suspect has been held back by police for further investigation".

Police is investigating if the pre-mature delivery happened because of low air pressure in the flight.

The statement further added, "We will be assisting in the investigation and cooperating with all concerned agencies".

The matter has been reported to the DGCA.

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