Ryan Reynolds On "Stoned Alone" Announced

Ryan Reynolds to Produce, Possibly Star in R-rated ‘Home Alone’ Riff ‘Stoned Alone’

Ryan Reynolds to Produce, Possibly Star in R-rated ‘Home Alone’ Riff ‘Stoned Alone’

Actor Ryan Reynolds has announced he is involved in a new Home Alone spinoff film titled Stoned Alone, which focuses on a stoner fighting off burglars.

Meanwhile, a gang of thieves actually does break in, forcing the hero to defend his house while stoned out of his mind.

The movie also has director Augustine Frizzell onboard to helm, with Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider having wrote the script from an idea by Fox exec Matt Reilly. Seeing the kinds of setups a person would construct while high could be a good source of comedy in the film, besides the obvious "paranoid stoner man thinks he hears danger and reacts" gags.

Home Alone, starring Macaulay Culkin as eight-year-old Kevin McAllister who was left at home while his family went on a Christmas vacation to Paris, was a box office smash.

Burrows and Milder created the animated series Gentleman Lobsters and wrote Netflix's The Package, which will be released on August 10.

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Should you try to remake Home Alone? The stoner-girl dramedy will be Frizzell's directorial debut and has already received high praise following its Sundance premiere earlier this year.

Okay, but will Macaulay Culkin be in it?

Deadline reports that Fox is doing a surprising remix of one of their highest grossing original comedies, Home Alone.

Stoned Alone is still in its early days, so there's no saying when this thing will enter production.

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