Sacha Baron Cohen's year-long undercover prank

Sacha Baron Cohen's year-long undercover prank

Sacha Baron Cohen's year-long undercover prank

Former Vice President Dick Cheney can be seen autographing a "waterboard kit" in a new promo for Sacha Baron Cohen's mysterious upcoming Showtime series. This is gonna be a good 'un.

Cheney, who was openly in favor of the US military using torture methods including waterboarding against captured terrorist suspects during his tenure, clearly still hasn't changed his views on the act which is a human rights abuse and punishable by worldwide law.

"Sure!" Cheney said. "That's a first".

Showtime, the channel that is set to air the new show in America, have described it as "shameless", "unhinged", and "cold-blooded", and that it might be "perhaps the most unsafe show in the history of television". "You've been warned" the posters tease, while giving us the first glance of Cohen's character - a guy suspiciously peeking out of windows with various eyewear. The stunt apparently had something to do with Trump University, but aside from Cohen's initial tweet, he had very little else to say about the matter - leaving everyone else in the dark to speculate about what it all meant.

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He recently defended waterboarding and other illegal torture methods in an interview with Fox News.

Promotions for the show indicate it will be politically focused. "Sacha Baron Cohen go to school, learn about being amusing, you don't know s***".

Cheney appears to be in conversation with a heavily-accented Baron Cohen which has prompted some to suggest the actor will engage with and interview celebrities and politicians in character, like he previously did as Ali G.

Baron Cohen, for his part, told James Corden in 2016 that he was "the first person to realize" that Trump "was a dick".

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