Thai rescuers locate missing boys and coach alive in cave

Rescuers walk out of the entrance to a cave complex where 12 soccer team members and their coach went missing in Mae Sai Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand Saturday

Rescuers walk out of the entrance to a cave complex where 12 soccer team members and their coach went missing in Mae Sai Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand Saturday

"The SEALs reported that. they reached Pattaya Beach which was flooded".

Torrential rains flooded much of the cave network and trapped the boys and coach several kilometers away from the cave network entrance.

But hopes of finding the boys alive had started to fade.

"One medic stayed behind with them", Reymenants explained.

Starving and terrified as they sat together in the dark, 12 Thai schoolboys and their coach had not seen the outside world or another human being in 10 days.

It is thought Mr Volanthen and Mr Stanton are part of the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team and they rescued a trapped diver in France in 2010.

But Pattaya Beach was flooded, too, and the group went another quarter-mile inside the cave complex to another chamber, said Narongsak.

In this handout photo released by Tham Luang Rescue Operation Center, Thai rescue teams walk inside a cave complex in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province, in northern Thailand, Monday, July 2, 2018.

A video shot by rescuers on Monday in flickering torchlight revealed boys clad in shorts and red and blue shirts sitting or standing on the rock above an expanse of water.

Hendricks said it could be five to seven days until the first person comes out.

He described taking non-divers through a cave as "one of the most risky situations possible, even if the dives are relatively easy".

Draining the water is really the only choice available to rescue workers.

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According to the Associated Press, rescuers drilled a hole into the side of the cave to try to drain the water, while others attempted to find alternative routes inside. As time wore on and rain kept pouring, authorities began seeking alternative entries; helicopters and drones hovered overhead as soldiers and police plodded through jungle on the hillside above to find chimneys and fissures wide enough for a climber. The lucky discovery deep in the jungle made the rescue possible.

Prayuth Chan-ocha visits the site and leads a meditation, jokes and cooks with relatives, asking them not to give up hope.

Public anticipation for a rescue has been high since Sunday, but officials have avoided setting a timetable for the search and rescue operation.

Divers inch further into the cave taking advantage of the brief break in bad weather.

Scores of divers - including foreign experts - were sent into the cave with hundreds of oxygen tanks, establishing a base camp inside the chambers over the weekend.

Having been underground for so long, it appears that the group were confused as to what day it was.

Chiang Rai province governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn highlighted the next obstacle for teams who had to hack and SCUBA-dive their way into the cavern where the Wild Boar football team were found.

The mothers and families of the missing boys have held prayer sessions at the entrance to the cave, where there is a shrine with a statue of the Buddha.

But attention now turns to the hard task of now getting the boys out safely.

The length of the cave and the conditions that they're actually diving in means there are probably very few people on the planet who can actually get those provisions to them.

"Supplying them on site may face challenges depending on how hard the dives are, " Mirza told the Associated Press in an e-mail on Monday.

If going with the diving option, a rescuer dealing with an untrained diver can be fatal for both, said Mirza.

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