The heat in Japan broke a temperature record, 15 dead

A worker uses an iced towel package to try to cool down as she takes a break in a heat wave

A worker uses an iced towel package to try to cool down as she takes a break in a heat wave

It has issued a warning for high temperatures in most parts of the country, above 35 degrees Celsius for most of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu islands, said a CNN report.

Two lingering high pressure systems have trapped warm and humid air above the region, bringing record-high temperatures for almost two weeks.

Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty ImagesA woman uses a parasol to escape the heat on July 22, 2018 in Ginza Tokyo, Japan.

"It is so hot these days that I can not figure out whether I am in (South Korea) or in Southeast Asia", said Kim Sung-hee, a student in downtown Seoul, where the temperature rose to 35.7 C.

Kyodo News agency reported that at least 11 people, mostly elderly citizens, died on Saturday alone from suspected heatstroke.

Risk of heatstroke rises when the temperature is over 40 C, as even wind would be so hot it could heat up the body rather than cooling it down, according to Seichi Horie, a professor at the University of Occupational and Environmental Health in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture.

In Gangneung, the mercury hit 31C at 6.45am recently, and the highest temperature recorded so far has been 39.9C.

According to Kyodo News Agency, the victims - nearly all of them senior citizens - lost their lives on Saturday due to suspected heatstroke as the temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius.

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People across the country have been urged to take precaution as thousands have sought hospital treatment for heat-related conditions over the past two weeks.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said as much as 10 centimetres of rain per hour fell on large parts of south-western Japan.

Millions were forced to evacuate due to floods and landslides, with most of the 200 people who have died coming from the Hiroshima and Okayama prefectures.

Officials said Thursday 10 more people had died of heat-related illness. NHK national television tallied seven deaths. The mercury is expected to reach 39 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit) on Monday in the city of Nagoya in central Japan and reach 37 in Tokyo.

Meanwhile rescuers in Tokyo responded to more than 3,000 emergency calls on Friday, breaking the record of 2,900 set the previous day.

High temperatures also caused flight delays on Wednesday from Tokyo's Haneda airport after one of the runway's floor weakened due to heat and caved in, the Japanese transport ministry said. Cosett Romero from Mexico said she and her family were getting headaches.

"We will prepare concrete measures after examining the results of test events due to be held in July 2019", a games spokesperson said, according to the Guardian.

Authorities in Japan warned people to stay inside and use air conditioning.

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