Trump delays next Putin meeting until after 'Russia witch hunt is over'

Donald Trump says Russia will ‘push hard’ for Democrats during November elections

Donald Trump says Russia will ‘push hard’ for Democrats during November elections

It's not surprising that Pompeo, who was a strong Trump supporter before joining the president's administration, communicated confidence in his boss before Democratic and Republican senators, many of whom have been critical of Trump's relationship with Putin.

In his opening remarks, Corker declared that senators have "serious doubts" about how the administration carries out foreign policy and suggested the White House "is making it up as they go".

The White House later said the president was saying "no" to taking reporters' questions and was not answering Vega's question.

There was no immediate Kremlin reaction to the postponement, which was announced just a day after the Kremlin said Putin and Trump had agreed in Helsinki to continue their "useful contacts".

Trump rejected the criticism sparked by his Helsinki news conference with Putin and said he misspoke in a series of flip-flops over the summit.

Pompeo testily assured senators that Trump had relayed the contents of the meeting afterward. Reuters reporter Jeff Mason asked.

Pompeo and other Trump supporters may be annoyed by questions from Democrats, Republican critics or the mainstream media, but those groups aren't primarily responsible for the lack of confidence in Trump to stand up to Putin. My question is to get to the truth. "You know what the situation surrounding the meeting's outcome is like in America so we need to wait for things to settle down and then we will be able to discuss these matters in a business-like manner", he added.

Pompeo also had a couple of heated exchanges with Sen. He provided some information on Trump's conversation with Putin but not enough to satisfy the committee.

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The president's expression of concern for future meddling also stands in contrast to previous comments.

Pompeo also called attention to the military aid the United States is providing to Ukraine and Georgia that, as he said, was not forthcoming under President Barack Obama. He said the United States had also boosted the US military presence in Europe with 150 military exercises and more than $11 billion for the European Deterrence Initiative-a program first set up under former President Barack Obama.

Beyond that, Pompeo is bound to get asked about Trump's press conference and subsequent comments going back and forth about whether he accepts USA intelligence findings on Russia's 2016 election interference.

"While your statements have been clear, our President's statements have confused our allies, encouraged our adversaries and have failed to be comparably clear and I'm concerned that an invitation to President Putin to the White House without clarity about his threats to our election, his threats to our allies, puts at risk clarity", Mr Coons said.

On Ukraine, Pompeo said the differences were sharp.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo defended President Donald Trump's decision to have a one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She insisted that "the White House has disappeared from the official USA government record" Mason's question, saying "it wasn't a mistake, it was on goal". Fifty-seven percent of respondents said they anticipate more meddling in November.

"No, you didn't", Corker challenged.

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