AI Obliterates Semi-Professional Dota 2 Players In A Game

OpenAI Five Dota 2 gameplay

OpenAI Five Dota 2 gameplay

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research organisation cofounded by Elon Musk which aims to promote and develop friendly AI. Valve's multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game, Dota 2, is the latest example of that. "Despite that, OpenAI five thrashed some of the most popular ex Dota 2 players, including Ben "Merlini" Wu, William "Blitz" Lee, Ioannis "Fogged" Lucas, the current pro player David "MoonMeander" Tan and play-by-play commentator Austin" Capitalist" Walsh.

The team which won the exhibition match is named OpenAI Five, and comprises a team of five bots.

In the three-game series, OpenAI Five bots won the first two games and in the final game, lost it to the human players, as the audience selected their team of five against the AI team. However, the show's still going on Twitch with OpenAI explaining more about how they built and tested their team, and what's next for them.

Next, OpenAI's developers plan to take the bots to Valve's official worldwide tournament, where they'll compete against the best Dota 2 players in the world.

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OpenAI Five has been working towards their goal of competing against the best pro team at The International which is the largest annual Dota tournament in the world.

If you're interested, it's worth reading OpenAI's blog post on the challenges its Five team faces, including the complex rules of Dota 2, and the fact that, at any given time, a hero could have more than 100,000 possible actions open to them. "We've also increased the hero pool to 18 heroes (Axe, Crystal Maiden, Death Prophet, Earthshaker, Gyrocopter, Lich, Lion, Necrophos, Queen of Pain, Razor, Riki, Shadow Fiend, Slark, Sniper, Sven, Tidehunter, Viper, or Witch Doctor)".

This is not the first time an AI has managed to beat humans in any game.

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