Alleged Nintendo Switch Hidden Menu Reveals VR Settings

Okami 2

Okami 2

As it turns out, it just might.

Did Nintendo plan to include virtual reality support on Switch, at least in the initial plans? While there are several reasons why a Switch VR setup doesn't seem entirely plausible - with the weight of the system being one - this new find is certainly an intriguing one.

In the video, toggling on VR mode splits the screen into two, although not with actual games. There are third-party devices that can turn phones into VR headsets, but some of them are unwieldy and bulky to use.

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Nintendo seems to have been toying with the idea for about a year now. In 2017, another Twitter user posted code that was added to the system during its 3.0.0 update. The interesting part came from two separate lines, 50 and 51, where it looked to have an option to enable VR mode.

Safe to say that this kind of turned out to be true because ever since the Switch launched, there has been no mention of VR since. That said, it wasn't enabled, and Nintendo doesn't appear to have made any additional changes to that section of the codebase.

VR Mode found in the Nintendo Switch I know, it sounds totally insane, but apparently, there are details and evidence to support its existence in the console that was datamined by some users and further activated, details below.

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