Anaesthetist killed wife, daughter ‘with gas-filled yoga ball’

Hong Kong,Hong Kong crime,Anaesthetist kills family

Hong Kong,Hong Kong crime,Anaesthetist kills family

Prosecutors told the High Court that Khaw Kim-sun left the inflatable ball in the boot of a vehicle where the gas leaked out and killed them, according to reports from court on Wednesday.

Both she, and their 16-year-old daughter, were found locked inside a Mini Cooper three years ago, with subsequent post-mortem reports revealing that they had died after inhaling carbon monoxide.

It is believed that on the day in question Khaw's wife was driving the vehicle to pick up her other children, and that the teenage victim only rode with her mother as she did not have school that day. Prosecutors allege that he instead hatched a plan to gas his wife, because she refused to grant him a divorce.

Bruce told the court that Khaw ordered tens of thousands of dollars' worth of carbon monoxide, claiming that he planned to use it in a science experiment, according to the South China Morning Post. He has pleaded not guilty. However, prosecutors said they didn't think Khaw wanted to kill his daughter. She also stated that she did not witness either of the deceased - the 47-year-old wife surnamed Wong and the 16-year-old girl - carrying a yoga ball into their auto on the day of the murders. Khaw's wife had reportedly suffered depression and other mental illnesses which were possibly linked to her husband's extra-marital affair.

She said the children had a good relationship with their parents.

"Ma'am did the cooking for the children", Siti Maesaroh said.

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"The last thing the accused wanted was for his 16-year-old to die", Bruce was quoted as saying.

Then Khaw suggested his daughter may have used the inflatable balls to kill herself.

Bruce adds co-workers saw Kim-sun filling two yoga balls with the gas, explaining he wanted to see how it affected rabbits. Like her mother, she had lethal amounts of carbon monoxide in her blood.

Khaw was unaware his daughter was home from school on the day of her death and likely had not meant to kill her, the paper quoted prosecutor Andrew Bruce as saying.

The prosecutor called it "a lame lie".

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