Disney's streaming service is reportedly named 'Disney Play'

Disney's NEW Streaming Service Will Be Cheaper Than Netflix So Binge Away

Disney's NEW Streaming Service Will Be Cheaper Than Netflix So Binge Away

In addition to that, Disney is also working on multiple Star Wars live-action series that will be exclusive to the service, as well as shows from its other franchises such as High School Musical, Monsters, Inc. An analyst cited in the Variety report estimates that Disney Play will need "40 million subscribers paying $6 a month" to break even. The first six Star Wars films may not be available until 2024 thanks to a previous deal with AT&T/Turner Broadcasting, but that is another matter.

We've been hearing a lot about Disney's upcoming streaming service for quite sometime, but we may finally have a name for it: Disney Play.

A recent report from Variety over the weekend has revealed the new name of the highly-anticipated upcoming streaming service from the Walt Disney Company: Disney Play. However, we now know the service-titled Disney Play-will be coming to a television near you next year. It's one of a "suite" of planned direct-to-consumer services, which Iger says is "the biggest priority of the company" in 2019. He also said as far as the amount of product to stream is concerned, “Were going to walk before we run as it relates to volume of content” .

As far as the cost is concerned, they are counting on an "exclusivity factor" to draw fans in knowing people will be reluctant to pay for yet another service when they are already tapped out. Disney CEO Bob Iger acknowledged that price reflects that Disney Play won't have the breadth of content that its chief competitor does.

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Currently Netflix has three tiers of service which range in price from $7.99 to $13.99.

After @WaltDisneyCo acquires Fox, they will own 60% of Hulu.

Now excuse me as I brood over the fact that "Disney Play" doesn't sound almost as catchy as my choice of name, "Disney Direct".

As it confirmed a year ago, Disney will also be withdrawing all its content from Netflix around the same time its own streaming service goes live; all Disney-distributed movies and TV shows - including ones by Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Pixar - are expected to be available on Disney Play. Doesn't seem like we'll have much of a choice if you plan on legally watching Star Wars content at the touch of a button.

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