Donald Trump Has No Idea How to Buy Groceries

Donald Trump Has No Idea How to Buy Groceries

Donald Trump Has No Idea How to Buy Groceries

"I just thought you should know", she adds.

"No good. Not nice", he said. "But I'm focused on Florida". It's not unlike the sort of skit you might see on John Oliver, or perhaps something Sacha Baron Cohen might trick a politician into on Who Is America?. "I've kept my promises".

The rally came at the beginning of a three-month sprint to the November midterm elections.

Trump will be speaking at a rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds in support of Ron DeSantis for Governor.

Ron DeSantis was trailing in the polls in the Republican primary for the governorship of Florida, according to one poll, by as much as 15 points.

Twitter users wonder if Trump has ever purchased his own groceries after he makes a freaky claim at Florida rally.

The Sun-Sentinel notes that DeSantis is expected to win, likely because of Trump's endorsement, which gave him a huge boost. Trump introduces DeSantis, who takes the stage.

First, it shows DeSantis playing with colorful blocks with his child, telling his daughter to "build the wall!"

He will also be stumping for Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a long time supporter of Trump who is hoping to defeat incumbent U.S Senator Democrat Bill Nelson.

The motorcade made its way through downtown Tampa to Tampa Bay Technical High School.

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"We need to elect more Republicans".

THE FACTS: No photo is required to purchase items at retail stores with cash or to make routine purchases with credit or debit cards.

Florida's leading candidate for the GOP's gubernatorial nomination wants voters to know he's a big fan of Donald Trump.

"We believe that only American citizens should vote in American elections", Trump told the enthusiastic crowd of supporters. "The most popular person in the history of the Republican party is Trump!" .

Trump has maintained a steady presence in the state, returning frequently to his winter home in Palm Beach.

Trump also railed against Democratic Sen.

Trump also defended the denuclearisation deal he signed with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in June in Singapore after reports surfaced that North Korea was proceeding with its missile programme. The president's unexpected and narrow victory over Clinton there earned him a critical 20 electoral votes on his path to the White House.

DeSantis, acknowledging the important role the president's endorsement has had told the crowd, "It's a true honor to be standing here, endorsed by the President of United States".

This article was written by Felicia Sonmez and Ashley Parker, reporters for The Washington Post.

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