Donald Trump Meets With FIFA President, Red Cards The Media!!

Media marching orders Trump shows red card to press at FIFA World Cup 2026 meeting

Media marching orders Trump shows red card to press at FIFA World Cup 2026 meeting

Infantino playfully suggested the card, used to eject players from a match, would come in handy in Trump's contentious dealings with the media. And they have cards.

President Trump is welcoming FIFA's newest president Gianni Infantino to the White House on Tuesday.

Yep, even if Trump wins his second term, he'll only be in office until 2024, but his influence may still be felt even then, despite the fact that he assured Infantino earlier that the US government would welcome fans, athletes and officials "without discrimination".

"Yellow cards and red cards".

Trump replied: "That's very good".

Leah Millis  Reuters
Leah Millis Reuters

Trump meanwhile revealed that his 12-year-old son Barron was a keen football fan while describing the World Cup as "maybe the biggest sporting event in the world". I'm not sure, we'll see.

When asked about the USA hosting the World Cup, Trump said: "Soccer has come such a long way, I guess you call it football, but over here we call it soccer". It's working very well either way. The United States, Canada and Mexico will jointly hold the next games.

Trump continued: "Soccer has to be one of the fastest growing sports in the world and the job you've done is really fantastic Gianni". Maybe they'll extend the term?

"I want to thank Gianni Infantino for being here - he's the president of Federation Internationale de Football Association and a highly respected man". "And, again, we want to thank you, it's all signed up, it's all set to go and it'll be a special event - I think it's going to be something really very special".

"Let's see, in 2026 I won't be here [as president]".

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