Dubai tourist who accrued Dh170,000 fines still has the supercar

Lamborghini Aventador S

Lamborghini Aventador S

A British tourist in Dubai was charged a whopping Dh175,000 (£36k) in traffic fines for driving his rented Lamborghini Huracan at twice the speed limit for 33 times within a period of less than four hours on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

The 25-year old British tourist rented the Dhs1.3 million supercar on Tuesday July 30 from Rent A vehicle. Most of the fines-33 in total-were issued after he triggered every speed camera along Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road, at some points at speeds over 140 miles per hour. Iqbal says, "We can't pay this amount should the auto be taken into the pound".

"The tourist came and paid Dh6,000 for two days' hire and left his passport as a guarantee". Make that at the wheel of a rented Lamborghini Huracan. That's because there have been previous cases in the United Arab Emirates where rental companies have been forced to pay speeding fines and other penalties of the tourists who rented their cars and returned home. We have tried to contact him but he hasn't answered yet.

A rep confirms for the publication that they're also aware the Lambo is now gathering dust outside the tourist's hotel, but they're refusing to go and collect it. I will not try to take the auto back because then who pays the money for the impoundment?

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The dealership continues to hold onto his passport, even as the dispute over payment continues.

The speeding fines amounted to $20,900 while an additional $27,000 will be needed to retrieve the vehicle if it's impounded by police.

That's because previous track record shows them they will end up paying the fines if they collect the auto, because the law holds the leasing company accountable, instead of the driver who committed the crime in the first place. "It is his fault and he should pay", added Iqbal.

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