Facebook is asking banks for people’s account data

Messenger's new augmented reality games.                  Facebook

Messenger's new augmented reality games. Facebook

In order to try these AR games, Facebook Messenger users need to make sure that they have the latest version of app installed first. It has been reported that Facebook has been in talks with JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup to potentially partner to allow these services. These AR games can be played while video chatting on Messenger, with support for up to six players at a time. And, the social media giant has done it yet again!

Facebook has reportedly approached several of the biggest US banks, asking them to share their customers' financial data with the social-media giant.

In lieu, of the recent allegations on Facebook regarding data security and privacy, it remains to be seen if the banks would agree to share the critical information of their users with such a tainted company.

The more surprising thing should be that anyone was shocked at all, as Facebook continues to look for new ways to keep customers engaged on its platforms.

Given what we know about Facebook's approach to consumer data, just from the a year ago or so, I think I'll take a 20-minute phone wait over giving them my banking details.

A Facebook representative stressed that the idea is to provide convenience to bank clients, who normally have to wait for minutes if they call the customer service hotline to seek assistance over the phone.

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In fact, the customers can also object to the bank if their information was shared with Facebook.

It remains to be seen what sort of a deal gets worked out between US banks and Facebook in the long run.

In short: this sort of service would be opt-in and Facebook has unequivocally said it won't be harvesting the data to enrich its advertising algorithms. The ICBC WeChat app offers three types of services: help desk, self-service and information.

They explained: The message included a video link and read: 'Hey I saw this video.

Otherwise, such new offerings will only raise concerns over the risk of data breach.

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