FCC: That DDoS Attack We Suffered Actually Wasn't Real

FCC: That DDoS Attack We Suffered Actually Wasn't Real

FCC: That DDoS Attack We Suffered Actually Wasn't Real

"This is completely unacceptable", Pai's statement reads. These actors were not attempting to file comments themselves; rather they made it hard for legitimate commenters to access and file with the FCC.

Although Bray said the FCC's electronic comment system remained functional throughout the incident, his statement also blamed unidentified outside actors for clogging the system and making it harder for "legitimate commenters" to participate in the agency's decisionmaking process.

On Monday, investigators revealed that there is no evidence to support the claims of DDoS attacks in May of past year.

The report by the FCC inspector general undercuts the agency's previous explanations for why its computer systems stumbled on a critical day in 2017 as millions of Americans - egged on by comedian John Oliver - sought to comment on Chairman Ajit Pai's proposal to repeal the FCC's net neutrality rules. I'm also disappointed that some working under the former CIO apparently either disagreed with the information that he was presenting or had questions about it, yet didn't feel comfortable communicating their concerns to me or my office.

On Twitter, Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto (D-Nev.) joined Rosenworcel in applauding the confirmation that the FCC had lied about the attack-and suggested the Senate would soon grill Pai over his statements over the past year. It found itself backed into a corner this week as the Office of Inspector General (OIG) (essentially, the FCC's internal affairs department) prepared to release a report on the incident.

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"It's unfortunate that this agency's energy and resources needed to be spent debunking this implausible claim", Rosenworcel's statement continued. In his statement, Pai blamed the former CIO and the Obama administration for providing "inaccurate information about this incident to me, my office, Congress, and the American people".

".we learned very quickly that there was no analysis supporting the conclusion in the press release, there were no subsequent analyses performed, and logs and other material were not readily available".

Oliver's segment was a warning that the FCC, under a new Republican majority, was looking to roll back the net neutrality rules put in place just two years earlier. Since then various members of Congress has become involved, even asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Government Accountability Office to look into the issue. If anything, we all just kind of assumed that the FCC's comment system went down due to the sheer volume of people attempting to express their thoughts on the agency's net neutrality plans-and if we know anything about internet commenters, it's that they don't really flood anywhere in massive numbers just to say, "This is good, and I like it, and you're all swell people who deserve respect, or at least basic human decency". According to reporting in August 2017 from Gizmodo, Bray allegedly leaked information to Motherboard in 2014, following that crash, claiming that malicious activity was responsible. Previously, Bray had said this incident was merely a weakness in the agency's legacy systems - legacy systems that he, as CIO, was intent on overhauling.

That investigation is still going on, but one conducted by the FCC's own OIG resulted in the report Pai cites. "I'm therefore pleased that Congress last week approved a reprogramming request that provides us with the funding necessary to redesign ECFS", he said.

FedScoop could not reach Bray for comment prior to publication; attempts to reach Bray by email received an automated reply saying he had limited ability to respond.

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