Ford Mustang-esque Electric SUV Won’t Be Called Mach 1

Is the-gen Ford Mustang coming in 2021? image

Is the-gen Ford Mustang coming in 2021? image

Introduced back in 2014, the sixth generation Ford Mustang has been in production for four years now.

Automotive News reports that the sports auto could move to one of the Blue Oval brand's five new modular platforms, with the architecture set to be used by the Explorer SUV the most likely candidate.

Ford's chief designer for the Mustang has promised that the expected use of modular underpinnings for the next-generation version of the Blue Oval brand's sports auto won't "bastardise" the big-selling nameplate.

One of these is a rear- and all-wheel drive unibody architecture slated to underpin the next-generation Ford Explorer and Lincoln Navigator. The shift would allow Ford the option of building an AWD Mustang for better handling and even compete with its competitors.

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It's a theme backed up by the car's chief engineer, Carl Widmann, who told Automotive News that moving from the current car's dedicated platform to a modular design for the new Mustang won't fundamentally change the auto.

The Mach 1 name has in the past denoted a high-performance Mustang, and while it won't show up on an SUV yet, the new vehicle will still be borrowing styling cues from the Mustang, Ford says.

Fans will probably cringe at the idea of a Mustang based on the same platform as a crossover, but the Mustang chief designer Darrell Behmer promised the potential switch won't "bastardize" the pony vehicle.

His sentiments were echoed by Mustang chief engineer Carl Widmann, who told the publication "The general layout of rwd has morphed over time, but it's still the general architecture that it has been". "In the architecture world of a RWD-which you're going to end up with a RWD architecture-I think these pieces of it are pieces that will always work".

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