Girl, 7, gets sexist road signs changed after writing letter

Gender-Neutral Road Signs in New Zealand After 7-Year-Old Girl Writes Heart Felt Letter to Authorities

Gender-Neutral Road Signs in New Zealand After 7-Year-Old Girl Writes Heart Felt Letter to Authorities

The seven-year-old girl successfully campaigned to have New Zealand's "sexist" road signs, which say "LINEMEN", changed to be more inclusive.

She spotted a "linemen" hazard sign - which warn drivers about workers repairing or installing electricity and telecommunications cables - when she was en route to her grandparents' house last month. I think the sign is wrong and unfair. "Do you agree?" Zoe wrote.

Although Carew expressed no interest in becoming a line worker "because there are so many more exciting things", she was outraged on behalf of all women. "Do you agree? Can you please change the sign to "LINE-WORKERS" instead, or something else correct and fair like that". So incensed, in fact, that she penned a note to Fergus Gammie, the transportation group's chief, telling him she thought the sign was "wrong and unfair", as women could also perform this work.

Despite the supercilious wording of the letter, Mr Gammie was gracious enough to respond, saying he accepted the criticism and that the NZTA would change the signs from "Linemen" to "Line Crew".

He said the NZTA agreed with Zoe but informed her that her suggestion of "line-workers" would require the size of the signs to be increased.

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She also shared a reply by the NZTA, who praised Zoe for her actions. "High 5s all round!", she commented.

"So proud of my 7yo".

He said the change would be included in the agency's specification approvals soon.

Gammie thanked her again for the suggestion, and said the update would take some time to materialize.

The NZTA then announced their decision on social media, stating "great ideas can come from anyone, including seven-year-olds!" New signs will be phased in as old ones are retired due to wear and tear.

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