Giuliani Reportedly Backtracks on Claim That Trump Considered Pardon for Paul Manafort

Former Trump pair both guilty

Former Trump pair both guilty

He added, "The Manafort guilty verdict and the Cohen guilty plea, I think, changed the dynamic into a much more unsafe period for Donald Trump personally and politically-for the American presidency, and therefore for the country".

The interview Wednesday night marked the first time a juror has publicly identified themselves after the trial.

Some experts have argued Trump could expose himself to more legal danger if he were to pardon aides who are witnesses in the Mueller probe, because Mueller is examining the president's own conduct and whether he sought to obstruct justice. She also claims at times the prosecution seemed uninterested in the proceedings. "It was one person who kept the verdict from being guilty on all 18 counts", Paula Duncan said of the jury's four days of deliberation, during which she said "there were some tears".

Duncan said there was no reason to have convicted Manafort on one FBAR count and not the other three. "So it kind of sent a message of 'we're bored with this, ' and I'm thinking, 'Well, if you're bored, then why are we here?'"

Manafort will be on trial again next month on a second set of charges, this time in a Washington federal court.

"I think we all went in there like we were supposed to and assumed that Mr. Manafort was innocent". Trump added, "If I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash, I think everybody would be very poor". They were friends, he didn't work for him for very long.

S&P 500 hits record high on way to longest market rally
Trump, meanwhile, told an interviewer on Fox that his impeachment would "crash" the stock market . Despite the bull market naysayers, there was still plenty of room for excitement.

Trump also said some of the charges against Manafort are widespread in the lobbyist industry.

Giuliani said Trump was seeking advice in the wake of a spate of pardons he granted earlier this summer, including for a woman whom Kim Kardashian had lobbied the White House to release.

As part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's cyber attack on the USA 2016 presidential election and possible Trump camp collusion, the Manafort financial crimes case, some observers say, was to squeeze Manafort to turn on Trump and give up evidence on possible Russian collusion with the Trump camp.

"We sat him down and said you're not considering these other pardons with anybody involved in the investigation". Judge T.S. Ellis III had barred both sides from broaching that topic of Russian collusion before the trial began.

Duncan noted accurately, though, that the evidence included references to Trump, particularly when it came to Manafort's dealings with a bank chairman who wanted a job in the administration. She used the phrase "witch hunt" in her comments.

"I think that they used Manafort to try to get the dirt on Trump, or hoping that he would flip on Trump", she said.

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