Gum, Mints, Wrappers, Soda Attract Bears To Unlocked Vehicles

Bear rips car to shreds after becoming trapped inside

Bear rips car to shreds after becoming trapped inside

After the bear scampered away, a deputy walked up to the auto to reveal the damage, and it's seriously jaw-dropping!

Deputies were able to open the driver's side door with a cable and the bear ran away.

The seats were broken, material ripped into bits, and trash littered the floor.

What's more Colorado than a bear breaking into a auto?

Police said the bear's vehicle break-in was the second of the week.

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That means bears will sniff out and try to eat anything, even food wrappers, gum, mints and half-finished soda bottles.

No humans or bears were harmed in this incident, but you certainly can't say the same for the Subaru's upholstery.

That happened in Jefferson County on Monday, and the sheriff's office there posted a video of the aftermath on Facebook.

"We've often warned that leaving your auto unlocked makes it easier for thieves to steal items, but as we've now seen twice this past week, it also makes it easier for bears to climb in and make themselves at home", the sheriff's office said said in a Facebook post.

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