Hurricane watch posted as Lane approaches

Major Hurricane Lane, a Category 4 storm, is heading toward Hawaii, forecasters warn

Major Hurricane Lane, a Category 4 storm, is heading toward Hawaii, forecasters warn

Hawaii is bracing for a rare event this week, as major Hurricane Lane tracks toward the state - the first hurricane to make such a close approach to the chain since 2014. Hurricane-force winds extended outward up to 40 miles from the center of Lane and tropical storm-force winds extended outward up to 140 miles.

Additional Tropical Storm or Hurricane Watches and Warnings will likely be issued for other Hawaiian Islands.

"This storm is fairly strong, even if the eye itself, the center of the hurricane, is offshore, there's still quite a lot of effects", he said.

Hawaii generally sees about one storm strong enough to earn a name pass within 60 miles of the islands every four years.

Hawaii has been put on alert amid fears a massive hurricane could be about to batter the island, with potential winds of up to 157mph forecast. Bands of heavy rain will dump as much as 20 inches moving northward across the state, according to the CPHC.

Charnick said there could also be flash flooding in areas outside fire burn scars.

Due to threats posed by the incoming Hurrican Lane, the Government of Canada has issued a travel warning for all five Hawaiin islands.

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Life-threatening weather conditions can extend well away from the center of the hurricane and interests throughout Hawaii are urged to closely monitor the progress of Lane over the next few days.

Ige signed an emergency proclamation Tuesday that will provide relief for disaster damages, losses and suffering caused by Hurricane Lane. If the storm pursues more of a westerly course, it may just brush the islands.

The proclamation declares the counties of Hawai'i, Maui, Kalawao, Kaua'i and the City and County of Honolulu disaster areas for the objective of implementing emergency management functions.

Video taken on Monday from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's "Hurricane Hunter" aircraft shows the moment scientists enter the eye of the storm when it reached Category 5 intensity with winds of 160 miles per hour.

Hawaiians scrambled to prepare for the storm's arrival.

"I helped out with Hurricane Iniki, I was in the military and came over here when they had the devastation, so I kind of see the after effects of it", he said. Over the next day, the storm is predicted to turn more to the north, but how sharply is the critical question.

- All public schools and DOE offices in Hawaii and Maui counties will be closed today until further notice, according to the state Department of Education. All pavilion and camping permits have been canceled.

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