IL rescue trying to find home for "Bruno" the polydactyl cat

An adoption ad written from the viewpoint of Bruno has thousands of people smiling and cheering on the self-proclaimed

An adoption ad written from the viewpoint of Bruno has thousands of people smiling and cheering on the self-proclaimed"EXTRA kitty to find his forever home

Polydactyl cats are born with more than the usual number of toes on one or more of their paws, but this isn't the only reason that Bruno is an unusual feline.

According to his adoption page, Bruno is perfectly healthy other than being overweight, which he is working on with diet and exercise.

He's been on local news sites such as WGTV as well as worldwide mastheads like Vice.

The Wright Way Rescue posted about Bruno on Wednesday saying he was "too cool to be homeless".

Wright-Way Rescue staff say Bruno likes standing on his hind legs, usually when he's hungry.

"I like to be pet on the top of my head and spine only", according to the shelter.

Bruno says: 'I know my tummy is so tempting to touch, but I would prefer if you didn't.

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He is also open to being scratched, but stipulates that he can only be scratched on the sides of his face and neck. Bruno loves being near his foster parents and playing with his feather toy.

But, again, he has standards.

He's a big boy who drinks lots of water, but never from a bowl in the kitchen where his food is, only from a dish in a separate room. I only drink the water that was put in a completely different room.

We all know someone who's picky, or fussy, or just likes things that're that little bit extra, well how about the cat who would need more care and attention than your average toddler?

"There's a lot of me to love!"

Of course, with a profile like that, Bruno is getting a heckload of attention. "So he's taking the time to review all of his adoption applications to see which home he'd like best".

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