Jesus Take The Wheel! Coconut Oil Reportedly ‘Pure Poison’

The facts behind coconut oil is ‘pure poison’ claim	 	 	 			Coconut Oil Jar over a wooden table

The facts behind coconut oil is ‘pure poison’ claim Coconut Oil Jar over a wooden table

Referring to coconut oil as "pure poison" and labelling it "one of the worst things you can eat" has predictably put the spotlight on professor Karin Michels.

Central to her remarks is that there is no evidence of the long-term health benefits of coconut oil as well as the findings that the ingredient features a high saturated fat content that can elevate the levels of LDL, or "bad" cholesterol and ultimately fuel cardiovascular disease. "Just don't jump on superfood bandwagon with your coconut oil pastas, coconut oil lattes, coconut oil brownies yeah?" food writer Sejal Sukhadwala tweeted in response to Michels' claim. While three quarters of the U.S. public considered coconut oil to be healthy, the review noted that only 37% of nutritionists agreed.

Kevin Klatt, a molecular nutrition researcher at Cornell University who is studying the metabolic effects of coconut oil, told the news outlet that coconut oil was "probably not quite as "bad" as butter but not as good as extra virgin olive oil". Coconut oil has been recommended for centuries in Ayurveda attributing several healing properties to it.

Coconut oil has always been linked to healthy eating - until now.

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"Coconut oil can be included in the diet, but as it is high in saturated fats should only be included in small amounts and as part of a healthy balanced diet", the British Nutrition Foundation said. This lecture about coconut oil- which has fallen from grace in the recent years- has gone viral on YouTube, garnering more than a million views.

According to data by American Heart Association (AHA), more than 80 per cent of the fat in coconut oil is saturated, which is far beyond butter (63 per cent), beef fat (50 per cent) and pork lard (39 per cent). The AHA claimed that it can contribute to higher risk of heart diseases as it is full of saturated fat.

"I can only warn you urgently about the coconut oil". Foods with a high level of unsaturated fat include oily fish, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and avocados.

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