Man who harassed Yellowstone bison arrested at Glacier park

Man who harassed Yellowstone bison arrested at Glacier park

Man who harassed Yellowstone bison arrested at Glacier park

A 55-year-old Pendleton, Oregon man was arrested in Glacier National Park last night after authorities say a video of him harassing a bison in Yellowstone National Park went viral. "Harassing wildlife is illegal in any national park", said Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk.

Park officials told KTVQ that members of the public should not approach the wildlife, especially large animals that can harm, injure or kill visitors.

Raymond Reinke, 55, who was journeying across multiple USA parks throughout the week, was taken into custody by Glacier National Park officials, a news release from Yellowstone officials said.

He was arrested on July 28 by law enforcement officers at Grand Teton National Park for drunken and disorderly behaviour. He was held overnight in the Teton County Jail.

Reinke was then stopped in Yellowstone on July 31 for a traffic violation. He was cited as a passenger for not wearing a seatbelt. He spent the night in jail and was released on bond. Reinke was apprehended at a national park in Montana later that night. Reinke was found by rangers later that evening and was given a citation.

According to the press release from the National Park Service, it was after this citation that Reinke encountered the bison.

Reinke was transported to Helena on Thursday night and handed over to Yellowstone rangers.

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Park officials at Yellowstone said in a Facebook post on Thursday morning that the incident was being investigated.

One count was for disturbing wildlife, two were alcohol-related, one was for interference, and one was for disorderly conduct. The animal charges him a couple of times, but Reinke doesn't appear to get hurt.

While rangers were searching for Reinke's vehicle, officials responded to a call about an incident at the Many Glacier Hotel where two guests were reported to be arguing and creating a disturbance in the dining room. Rangers noticed he appeared to be intoxicated and argumentative.

"We appreciate the collaboration of our fellow rangers in Glacier and Grand Teton national parks on this arrest".

Amid a Yellowstone "bison jam"-traffic congestion caused by the presence of buffalo along the roadway-a person believed to be Reinke was captured on video taunting a bison into charging, hollering at the animal and feigning a body builder's pose, much to the shock of passersby witnessing it".

"Carry/store open bottle/container containing alcoholic beverage".

He remains jailed pending a hearing next week and has requested a court-appointed attorney.

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